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Spartina alterniflora

IUCN status : Least Concern

Taxonomy: Life > Plantae > Magnoliophyta > Liliopsida > Poales > Poaceae      Authority : None      TPL version : None


Growth Type : Herbaceous perennial
Reproductive Repetition :
Dicot/Monocot : Monocot
Angio/Gymnosperm : Angiosperm
Growth Form Raunkiaer : Helophyte
Invasive (GISD Status) : True

Population Name: Willapa bay Washington 1 matrices 1994 - 1997 USA, N America

Ecoregion : Temperate coniferous forests Location: 46.5833, -123.95 Altitude: 596.0m

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  • |Seedlings|Isolated plants|Agglomerations of plants|
    [0 6.46e-05 0.0177;1 1.115 0;0 0 1.107]

    Observations: Simulation matrix; The GPS coordinates were approximated to the closest geographic location described in the reference. Periodicity Extra: 0.3

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