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Rana temporaria

Common name(s): Common frog

IUCN status : Least Concern

Taxonomy: Life > Animalia > Chordata > Amphibia > Anura > Ranidae      Authority : None     


Growth Type : Amphibia
Invasive (GISD Status) : False

Population Name: FRANK 1 matrices None - None None,

Ecoregion : No coordinates given Within site replication : FRANK

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  • |Prejuvenile|Juvenile|Adult|
    [0 52 279.5;0.018768 0.25 0;0 0.08 0.43]

    Observations: FRANK

  • Publications:

    Biek; Funk; Maxell; Mills (2002). "None" in Conserv Biol None, None.

    Purposes : PVA; Methodological Advancement; Comparative Demography;

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